The Age of LED

Gone are the days of the incandescent light bulb and the fluorescent lamp, this generation is all about LED light technology. The rise of LED lighting products steadily replaces the market for old electric light sources. This is not only because it’s hot and new, but this technology has a host of benefits compared to old light sources. It’s not even new technology at all since its original conception was sometime during the 1900’s but the development of the technology was quite slow.

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Know the Different Monitors Used in Watching TV

Are you a TV geek? Are you fond of watching movies? Screens and monitors used in TVs and cinemas come in different sizes, styles and resolutions. Before, the monitors used are very big and bulky. Now, many monitors are thin and sleek and come with the best resolution and color. Read more »

How Technology May Save the Economy

Technology connotes a lot of tangible things: machines, computers, cellphones, smartphones, appliances, transportation on cars, trains, airplanes, and boats to name a few. It also connotes abstract things like communication, agriculture, medical care, production or manufacturing, and business and economy. This is because technology is the application of knowledge acquired through tedious research, extensive study and years indulged in trial and error testing. Read more »

Easy Laptop Maintenance Guides

Laptops are designed to be lightweight and mobile, because of this it sacrifices a lot on the field of sturdiness at least in comparison to desktop computers. Laptops generally have disposable parts and cannot be changed when something is broken. Proper maintenance and care is needed to prolong the life of your precious mobile computer. It is in fact generally proven that with proper care, a laptop can go twice its usual lifespan saving you a lot of cash on replacements. Read more »